Belknap County Property Viewer (New Hampshire)

Treasurer and Tax Collector Offices in Belknap County, NH collect property taxes for a local government and distribute these funds. They maintain several property records that may be available as part of Belknap County property viewers. A property viewer, also called a Belknap County property map, includes property tax assessments, real estate appraisal reports, boundary lines, and zoning boundaries. These viewers may also provide information on the current owners, parcel numbers, and unclaimed parcels. Belknap County property owners or potential buyers can use property viewers to locate information about paid and unpaid property taxes, tax liens, and foreclosures. Property viewers are typically available on the Treasurer and Tax Collector Office website.

Alton Tax Collector Alton NH 82 Main Street 03809 603-875-6151

Belknap County Tax Collector's Office Laconia NH 34 County Drive 03246 603-527-5400

Gilford Tax Collector Gilford NH 47 Cherry Valley Road 03249 603-527-4713

Gilmanton Tax Collector Gilmanton NH 503 Province Road 03237 603-267-6726

Laconia Tax Collector Laconia NH 45 Beacon Street East 03246 603-527-1269

Meredith Tax Collector Meredith NH 41 Main Street 03253 603-279-4538

Historical Societies in Belknap County, NH maintain documents and objects that have historical value, and this can include property records. Historical Societies may keep historic Belknap County property tax records, property sale documents like deeds and titles, or property maps from different eras. They may also provide property information in the form of a property viewer, which can show historic property boundaries, changes to municipal lines and zones, and ownership information. Belknap County property viewers can also show property appraisal values and property tax rates over time, and they are an useful tool for conducting research. Property viewers may be available online through the Historical Society website.

Ames New Hampshire Historical Society Gilford NH 8 Belknap Mountain Road 03249 603-527-9009

Center Harbor Historical Society Center Harbor NH 94 Dane Road 03226 603-279-1236

Laconia Historical Society Laconia NH 695 North Main Street 03246 603-527-1278

Lake Winnipesaukee Historical Society Laconia NH 503 Endicott Street North 03246 603-366-5950

Lake Winnipesaukee New Hampshire Historical Society Laconia NH 579 Endicott Street East 03246 603-366-5776

Meredith Historical Society Meredith NH 45 Main Street 03253 603-279-1190

Tilton Town of Historical Society Tilton NH 11 Grange Road 03276 603-524-1135

Building Departments in Belknap County, NH create and enforce codes and regulations to ensure the construction of safe buildings. As part of this responsibility, Building Departments may keep Belknap County property viewers, which display information about all the properties in the department's area. These property viewers may include information on parcel numbers, property tax assessments, building permits, and occupancy permits. They also show property zones, including the rules and regulations for each zone and zoning boundaries, making them useful resources for property owners or prospective buyers. Belknap County Building Department property viewers may be available online.

Gilford Building Department, Planning, Zoning and Permits Gilford NH 47 Cherry Valley Road 03249 603-527-4727

Meredith Zoning Meredith NH 41 Main Street 03253 603-279-4538

Tilton Zoning Tilton NH 257 Main Street 03276 603-286-7817