Westchester County Property Viewer (New York)

Assessor Offices in Westchester County, NY calculate the value of all taxable property in their municipality by conducting property appraisals. They may also be responsible for determining the property taxes for each parcel. Assessor Offices maintain information on all properties, including property maps, boundary lines, zoning boundaries, and parcel divisions. This information is often available in a property viewer on the Assessor Office website. Westchester County property viewers may also provide information on appraisal values, zoning restrictions, and Westchester County property tax assessments. They can be used to locate unclaimed parcels, public property, and look up property owner information or parcel numbers in Westchester County.

Bedford Assessor Bedford Hills NY 321 Bedford Road 10507 914-666-5149

Cortlandt Assessor Cortlandt NY 1 Heady Street 10567 914-734-1040

Harrison Town Assessor Harrison NY 1 Heineman Place 10528 914-670-3040

Lewisboro Town Assessors South Salem NY 99 Elmwood Road 10590 914-763-5592

Mount Vernon Assessor Mount Vernon NY 1 Roosevelt Square North, Ste 1 10550 914-665-2325

North Salem Town Assessor North Salem NY 270 Titicus Road 10560 914-669-5214

Ossining Assessor Ossining NY 16 Croton Avenue 10562 914-762-8274

Peekskill Assessor Peekskill NY 840 Main Street 10566 914-734-4190

Building Departments in Westchester County, NY create and enforce codes and regulations to ensure the construction of safe buildings. As part of this responsibility, Building Departments may keep Westchester County property viewers, which display information about all the properties in the department's area. These property viewers may include information on parcel numbers, property tax assessments, building permits, and occupancy permits. They also show property zones, including the rules and regulations for each zone and zoning boundaries, making them useful resources for property owners or prospective buyers. Westchester County Building Department property viewers may be available online.

Ardsley Building Department Ardsley NY 507 Ashford Avenue 10502 914-693-6961

Armonk Building Department Armonk NY 17 Bedford Road 10504 914-273-8625

Bedford Planning Department Bedford Hills NY 425 Cherry Street 10507 914-666-4434

Bedford Zoning Bedford Hills NY 425 Cherry Street 10507 914-666-4585

Bronxville Building Department Bronxville NY 200 Pondfield Road 10708 914-337-7338

Croton On Hudson Permits Croton-on-Hudson NY 1 Van Wyck St 10520 914-271-4781

Eastchester Building Department Eastchester NY 40 Mill Road, Rm 206 10709 914-771-3317

Greenburgh Building Department White Plains NY 177 Hillside Avenue 10607 914-993-1575

Harrison Zoning Harrison NY 1 Heineman Place 10528 914-670-3075

Hastings-On-Hudson Village Zoning Hastings-on-Hudson NY 7 Maple Avenue 10706 914-478-3402

Lewisboro Building Department South Salem NY 99 Elmwood Road 10590 914-763-3060

Lewisboro Planning Department South Salem NY 99 Elmwood Road 10590 914-763-5592

Lewisboro Town Zoning South Salem NY 99 Elmwood Road 10590 914-763-3822

Mamaroneck Building Department Mamaroneck NY 169 Mount Pleasant Avenue 10543 914-777-7731

Mt Vernon Zoning Mount Vernon NY 1 Roosevelt Square North 10550 914-665-2393

New Rochelle City Permits New Rochelle NY 515 North Avenue 10801 914-654-2140

New Rochelle Zoning New Rochelle NY 515 North Avenue 10801 914-654-2033

North Castle Building Department Armonk NY 17 Bedford Road, Ste 1 10504 914-273-3714

North Salem Planning Department North Salem NY 270 Titicus Road 10560 914-669-5661

North Salem Zoning North Salem NY 270 Titicus Road 10560 914-669-5952

Ossining Planning Department Ossining NY 101 U.s. 9 10562 914-762-8675

Ossining Village Building Department Ossining NY 2 U.s. 9, # 2 10562 914-941-3199

Peekskill Building Department Peekskill NY 840 Main Street 10566 914-734-4140

Peekskill Planning Department Peekskill NY 840 Main St 10566 914-734-4210

Historical Societies in Westchester County, NY maintain documents and objects that have historical value, and this can include property records. Historical Societies may keep historic Westchester County property tax records, property sale documents like deeds and titles, or property maps from different eras. They may also provide property information in the form of a property viewer, which can show historic property boundaries, changes to municipal lines and zones, and ownership information. Westchester County property viewers can also show property appraisal values and property tax rates over time, and they are an useful tool for conducting research. Property viewers may be available online through the Historical Society website.

Ardsley Historical Society Ardsley NY 9 American Legion Drive 10502 914-693-6027

Bedford New York Historical Society Bedford NY 612 Old Post Road 10506 914-234-9751

Briarcliff Manor-Scarborough Historical Society Briarcliff Manor NY 1 Library Road 10510 914-941-4393

Dobbs Ferry Historical Society Dobbs Ferry NY 12 Elm Street 10522 914-674-1007

Eastchester Historical Society Bronxville NY 388 California Road 10708 914-793-1900

Friends Of The Ridge Historical Society Hartsdale NY 40 Birchwood Lane 10530 914-421-0075

Hastings Historical Society Hastings-on-Hudson NY 407 Broadway 10706 914-478-2249

Irvington New York Historical Society Irvington NY 131 Main Street 10533 914-591-1020

Larchmont Historical Society Mamaroneck NY 740 West Boston Post Road, 300 10543 914-381-2239

Mamaroneck Historical Society Mamaroneck NY 136 Prospect Avenue 10543 914-777-2776

National Maritime Historical Society Peekskill NY 5 John Walsh Boulevard 10566 914-737-7878

New Castle New York Historical Society Chappaqua NY 100 King Street, 55 10514 914-238-4666

North Castle Historical Society Armonk NY 440 Armonk Bedford Road 10504 914-273-4510

Ossining Historical Society Ossining NY 196 Croton Avenue 10562 914-941-0001

Archives in Westchester County, NY preserve records that have historical significance for a local area, which can include property records. Some Archives may provide property information in the form of a property viewer, which can be used to look up historic Westchester County property boundaries, ownership information, and property divisions over time, as well as historical city and town maps. These Westchester County public property records may also list historical property tax rates or property value assessments and any changes to property maps over time, which make them valuable for conducting genealogical research. Archives may provide online access to their property viewers.

Elmsford Inner City Records Archive Elmsford NY 50 Executive Boulevard 10523 914-592-1188

Harrison Police Records Archive Harrison NY 650 North Street 10528 914-967-5013

Treasurer and Tax Collector Offices in Westchester County, NY collect property taxes for a local government and distribute these funds. They maintain several property records that may be available as part of Westchester County property viewers. A property viewer, also called a Westchester County property map, includes property tax assessments, real estate appraisal reports, boundary lines, and zoning boundaries. These viewers may also provide information on the current owners, parcel numbers, and unclaimed parcels. Westchester County property owners or potential buyers can use property viewers to locate information about paid and unpaid property taxes, tax liens, and foreclosures. Property viewers are typically available on the Treasurer and Tax Collector Office website.

Larchmont Treasurer Larchmont NY 5 Winthrop Avenue 10538 914-834-7375

Mamaroneck Treasurer Mamaroneck NY 123 Mamaroneck Avenue 10543 914-777-7722