Montgomery County Property Viewer (Ohio)

Search for a Montgomery County, OH property viewer. A property viewer provides information on property maps, boundary lines, zoning boundaries, parcel divisions, parcel viewer, property appraisals, property assessments, property taxes, unpaid property taxes, tax liens, foreclosures, unclaimed parcels, property owner information, building permits, property research, deeds, titles, historical property taxes, property tax rates, and historical maps.

Assessor Offices in Montgomery County, OH calculate the value of all taxable property in their municipality by conducting property appraisals. They may also be responsible for determining the property taxes for each parcel. Assessor Offices maintain information on all properties, including property maps, boundary lines, zoning boundaries, and parcel divisions. This information is often available in a property viewer on the Assessor Office website. Montgomery County property viewers may also provide information on appraisal values, zoning restrictions, and Montgomery County property tax assessments. They can be used to locate unclaimed parcels, public property, and look up property owner information or parcel numbers in Montgomery County.

Montgomery County Auditor's Office Dayton OH 451 West 3rd Street 45422 937-225-6024

Building Departments in Montgomery County, OH create and enforce codes and regulations to ensure the construction of safe buildings. As part of this responsibility, Building Departments may keep Montgomery County property viewers, which display information about all the properties in the department's area. These property viewers may include information on parcel numbers, property tax assessments, building permits, and occupancy permits. They also show property zones, including the rules and regulations for each zone and zoning boundaries, making them useful resources for property owners or prospective buyers. Montgomery County Building Department property viewers may be available online.

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Washington Township Zoning Dayton OH 8190 Mc Ewen Road 45458 937-433-0796

Historical Societies in Montgomery County, OH maintain documents and objects that have historical value, and this can include property records. Historical Societies may keep historic Montgomery County property tax records, property sale documents like deeds and titles, or property maps from different eras. They may also provide property information in the form of a property viewer, which can show historic property boundaries, changes to municipal lines and zones, and ownership information. Montgomery County property viewers can also show property appraisal values and property tax rates over time, and they are an useful tool for conducting research. Property viewers may be available online through the Historical Society website.

Brookville Historical Society Brookville OH 21 Market Street 45309 937-833-0285

Centerville Wash Township Historical Society Centerville OH 78 North Main Street 45459 937-312-0040

Centerville Wash Township Ohio Historical Society Centerville OH 26 North Main Street 45459 937-291-2223

Dayton Oregon Historical Society Dayton OH 37 Hess Street 45402 937-223-6579

Germantown Ohio Historical Society Germantown OH 47 West Center Street 45327 937-855-7951

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Montgomery County Ohio Historical Society Dayton OH 224 North Saint Clair Street 45402 937-228-6271

Oakwood Historical Society Dayton OH 1947 Far Hills Avenue 45419 937-299-3793

Randolph Township Historical Society Englewood OH 114 Valleyview Drive 45322 937-832-8538

Riverside Historical Society Riverside OH 4930 Airway Road 45431 937-252-7242

Vandalia-Butler Historical Society Vandalia OH 336 East Alkaline Springs Road 45377 937-898-5300

West Carrollton Historical Society Dayton OH 323 East Central Avenue 45449 937-859-5912

Archives in Montgomery County, OH preserve records that have historical significance for a local area, which can include property records. Some Archives may provide property information in the form of a property viewer, which can be used to look up historic Montgomery County property boundaries, ownership information, and property divisions over time, as well as historical city and town maps. These Montgomery County public property records may also list historical property tax rates or property value assessments and any changes to property maps over time, which make them valuable for conducting genealogical research. Archives may provide online access to their property viewers.

Montgomery County Birth Records Archive Dayton OH 117 South Main Street 45422 937-225-4418

Moraine National Archive Moraine OH 3150 North Springboro Pike 45439 937-425-0600

Vandalia Police Records Archive Vandalia OH 245 James Bohanan Drive 45377 937-898-3996

Recorders of Deeds in Montgomery County, OH maintain real estate ownership documents as part of their job to ensure the accuracy of property, land, and property tax records. They have records on every property in their municipality, and they may provide a property viewer to look up this information. Montgomery County property viewers provide information on parcel boundaries, property owners, property divisions, and zoning boundaries. They can also show Montgomery County parcel numbers, unclaimed parcels, and property tax information, including property tax assessments, unpaid property taxes, and tax liens or foreclosures. Recorders of Deeds may provide online access to a property viewer on their website.

Montgomery County Recorder's Dayton OH 451 West 3rd Street 45422 937-225-4275

Treasurer and Tax Collector Offices in Montgomery County, OH collect property taxes for a local government and distribute these funds. They maintain several property records that may be available as part of Montgomery County property viewers. A property viewer, also called a Montgomery County property map, includes property tax assessments, real estate appraisal reports, boundary lines, and zoning boundaries. These viewers may also provide information on the current owners, parcel numbers, and unclaimed parcels. Montgomery County property owners or potential buyers can use property viewers to locate information about paid and unpaid property taxes, tax liens, and foreclosures. Property viewers are typically available on the Treasurer and Tax Collector Office website.

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